WANNABE is a curated fashion brand dedicated to modern women. It unites timeless wardrobe essentials with hot, trendy, must-have pieces to create multiple, eye-catching outfits on a day-to-day basis.
Style is being what you WANNABE
We believe that dressing in style doesn't necessarily mean buying lots of expensive items.
To know how to dress in style means to feel from within what works best for YOU (color palettes, silhouettes, cutouts, etc.) to know what is classic and what is trendy and, most of all, to know how to combine them to create outfits that tell YOUR story.
STYLE, for us, is the sophistication that comes from uniting the right pieces with the right attitude. And always remember: "YOU define the garment, not the other way around." To do so you have to know, love, and appreciate who you are and who you WANNABE so you arirve all the places you WANNABE

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?
We use our styling experience to hand-pick, collect, and curate timeless, classic, versatile and trendy pieces from all over the world. All our designs are fluent in our aesthetic language and are matchable with other pieces to create limitless possibilities to make YOUR style timeless.